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How to Make Friends and Infulence People in the New Century - Another Look!

By Hector E. Cisneros

The last 25 years have ushered in sweeping changes in our society. 

My Cyber Social Map
My Cyber Social Map (Photo credit: frankdasilva)
Personal relationships have been devalued to some extent by the introduction of social networks. We have gone from a society of people having a face-to-face relationship to a society that spends a large amount of time in virtual relationships. We have many cyber friends we don’t even know. Younger people spend more time text-ting each other than actually speak to each other. Often they are even in the same room (or in the same car).  Facebook is now running commercials showing that people would rather be on their Facebook phones, reading their news feed, than interacting with their families at the dinner table. The fact is, we live in an internet-enabled world, and all of us need to take responsibility for building real relations based on trust, mutual benefits, proven performance and credible results . So, in this article I am revisiting and update my view on what it takes to build strong relationships in business and in life and how to make friends and influence people in the 21st century.

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Read the Testimonial
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