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Creating a Strategic Word of Mouth Marketing Plan

Bt Hector Cisneros

As an experienced Networker and BNI Director I come across many people that I consider top notch networkers. I also take the time to meet with them and ask what has contributed to their success. Many times their answers are similar, some time what they tell me is blinding obvious yet no one does it, except them (which is why they are top notch). In this segment I am going to discuss “Creating a Word of Mouth Marketing Business Plan. In a futures issues I will cover implementing your plan, how to keep it on track and how to adjust it if its not working. Now let’s talk about what should be in your plan. Here are 6 items that I found were in all of the top notch players plans.

The 10 most Common Mistakes made in a 60 second presentations

The 10 most Common Mistakes made in a 60 second presentations
In my daily travels as a BNI Director I am often asked to evaluate BNI members elevator speeches. You know their "Sales Manager Minutes". Over the years I have discovered over 2 dozen things that a person can do wrong when presenting their sales manager minutes.

The road to great referrals is not built on good intentions, but on daily work!

As a 16 year veteran of BNI and a director for 5 years, it dawned on me that a lot of new BNI members worry more about things, (like what are they going to say this week for their sales manager minute) instead of doing something that will increase their credibility and help them get more referrals.

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This book is not about a get rich quick scheme, its about how to be successful 60 seconds at a time.

You will learn how to use powerful words that compel and motivate people to action. You will learn my methodology on how to construct your messages so that your referral partners will be able to repeat and pass your message on for you.

You will also learn how to keep your message fresh so that your listeners will be compelled to hear your message, even after hearing it many times.

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My new Book

My new Book
60 Seconds to Success

Read the Testimonial

Read the Testimonial
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